Discography is a listing of everyone that has recorded a Jimmy Jack Whitaker song or had one written for their own recording Over the years, many artists have requested special songs from Jimmy or just recorded an existing song of his.

Fox Brothers - Red Top Mountain

Stella Parton - Mt Miracles

T Jae Christian - This is Where Jesus Would Go

Gloria Elliot

Pearly Gates

Jim Lusk

T Graham Brown

Rebecca Lynn Howard

Jack Fultz

Gold Wing Express

Two Hearts N Him

Amy Jordan (Duggar)

Laura Mathy

Cassidy Taylor

Kevin Shores (Jim Baker Show)

Mary Lee

Frank Pizzaro (NY Firefighter)

Natalie Isaac

George Maddiloni

White Horse

Voices of Glory

Lacy Jay Sylar

Roy August

Paul Alan Coons

Paul McKnight

Renegade Band

The Comets (Back Up Vox)

The LeCroy Sisters

Jayne Lance

Gary S Paxton

Jim Goff

Rene Jones

Bruce Seidel


Raymond Sublett

Debra Paxton

Moggy N Castro

Daniel Glidewell

Dan Duncan

Jim Babcock

Jackie Cox

It is so rewarding to know so many artists have chosen Jimmy's songs and writing talent to create their own vocals. Song writing is a very serious passion of Jimmy's and will always be!

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