Firefighters have a special place in Jimmy Jack's heart. They are the first responders to all types of emergencies. Their Chaplains are all part of the USECC Organization.

Jimmy has been at several of their various Conventions throughout the US. He has really fond memories of his visit with the 911 Firefighters and First Responders in NYC. Every person in the world was touched by 911.

NYC Firefighters and First Responders saw incredible acts of heroism, as well as horrible deaths. The Chaplains helped so many get through those most difficult times.

Below is a video of NYC Firefighter Frank Pizzaro singing a tribute to all Fireman. This song was written by Jimmy Jack Whitaker and Greg Gordon

"He's the Closest Thing to a Hero"

NYFD Frank Pizzaro ~ Chaplin Steve Holden ~ Jimmy Jack Whitaker

NY Firefighters

Chaplin Steve Holden & NYFD Frank Pizzaro

Jimmy Jack takes his songwriting very seriously and this tribute song was extremely emotional for him.

First, for having the honor to co-write with Greg Gordon such an incredible tribute song; but - even nicer was the fact that it was chosen to be sung by New York Fireman Frank Pizzaro as a very moving song and video to all "Heroes" out there!

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