General Tommy Franks

Jimmy Jack Whitaker has some wonderful memories of General Franks! Jimmy had the distinction of playing at the 1st Celebration of Freedom - the Grand Opening of the GTFLIM in 2009. The following year, Jimmy opened for Charlie Daniels at the Celebration of Freedom

General Tommy Franks founded the GTFLIM - General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute Museum in Oklahoma. He also has a great friend in artist Carroll Burgoon.

General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute Museum

507 South Main Street, Hobart, OK 73651 ~ 580-726-5900

Jimmy's good friend and world renowned artist - Carrol Burgoon, was introduced to General Franks by Jimmy Jack Whitaker. From that special meeting, Carroll created "He First Served as a Private" for General Tommy Franks. The original is hanging at the General's Museum in Oklahoma.

"He First Served as a Private"
by Carroll Burgoon

Jimmy watching General Franks signing the #1 Artist Proof

The General also graciously Penned the Forward for Carroll Burgoon's first book "Ode to Joy".

These wonderful friendships that grow over the course of years can never be forgotten! Jimmy holds these dearly to his heart and soul

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